Saltwater salmon fishing tackle - the bare minimum

Saltwater salmon fishing tackle - the bare minimum

Saltwater salmon fishing can take place in a diverse set of conditions. It is not necessarily an easy task but one that can be completed with tremendous success if you can overcome some harsh conditions. Everything from the weather and water conditions to the type of line and tackle you use to salmon troll is sometimes even pivotal to success.

Whether you are fishing for pleasure or during a competition, there is certain minimum equipment you need as well as some primary skills. 


It has been proven that the best technique for saltwater fishing is trolling. So, simply put, a spoon has low maintenance, is easy to use, and most importantly, it catches fish. Guaranteed. A spoon with bait fish (herring) combined with a flasher is what most salmon fishermen use. Trolling for salmon in deep water must be done facing the current because salmon swim into the current. Your line and bait must be dragged ahead of the salmon so that they see it.


Knowing the times of the tides is a key factor to salmon trolling. The best times in which you will probably find salmon is an hour before, during, and an hour after a tide change.  You can purchase a tide book for your area, study it, and learn it.

Depth and color

Salmon respond differently to different colors. Be mindful of the depth of where you will find salmon for this will determine if you troll or not. Essentially, salmon will see blue and dark blue at greater depths and all colors in shallow waters. Use an appropriately colored spoon with bait.

Keep checking your gear

As with all activity that requires assembly and care, make sure you keep all your gear in shape and in a good state. But mostly, check your line periodically while trolling to see that has not entangled in jellyfish or the bait has disappeared. Salmon will not be lured by tangled line. It is best to check your gear every 30 minutes to make sure everything is perfect.


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